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Skin Application Instructions:

Clean your device:
The surface of your device should be thoroughly cleaned to remove oil, dust and dirt. Dust and even hairs will be very noticeable under the skin. If your device is not clean when you apply the skin it may not adhere properly and could lift off on the corners.

Removing the skin:
Skins are kiss cut which means the skin itself is cut all the way through but the backing paper is not cut. Remove the skin or one piece of the skin and apply it before removing the next piece. The skin material if very durable but take care to remove it from the backing slowly to avoid stretching or possibly tearing it on inside corners.

Aligning the skin:
With your device on a clean flat surface, hold the skin close to the device to line up an edge of the skin and one or more cut outs with your device. Once lined up, touch the skin to your device in the center so that it holds in place.

Smooth the skin into position:
DO NOT lay the skin on your device then try rubbing out air bubble. This will greatly increase your chances for air bubbles and wrinkles.

Hold one edge of the skin up with one hand. Using a finger on your other hand start in the center of the skin and rub side to side across the skin making sure the area you have pushed down does not have air bubbles. Keep rubbing in a side to side motion and work your way towards the edge you are holding up until you have one half of the skin applied smoothly. Now repeat this for the other half of the skin.

Tip: Keep tension on the skin with your hand holding the edge of the skin. The finger you use to rub side to side should always push the skin down to the surface of your device. Do not lower the skin onto your device with the other hand.

The skins are removable so if you do not get it lined up correctly or get too many air bubbles that you cannot remove carefully peel the skin off and try again.